Technology on the Road

Technology – or perhaps more accurately “Connectivity” is important as Jeff is continuing to work his web development job while on the road.   What’s worked and what hasn’t?  We’ll let you know.

Campground “Free WiFi” is very dicey.  At smaller campgrounds, we have had excellent service.  But any larger campground has been harder.   The campgrounds try to provide many access points, but it all funnels down to their one connection, usually via cable modem.  Sometimes during the day, this provides enough band-width.  But as folks return to their campers and turn on their devices and start streaming their shows, the network quickly becomes unusable..

Thankfully, there is cell service at the campgrounds that we have stayed at.  We had to add a “mifi” device to our Verizon account, but this private hotspot gives us better connections that out cable service at home!

In Canada, we had good days and bad days with the campground.  We finally broke down and rented a Canadian MiFi device.    Now we have unlimited connection for $15/day!


Currently we have a WiFi Ranger Go and Ti combination.   We used it in the driveway for a few weeks and so far it has worked great on the road (sample size = 1 location!)

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