Fort Worth/Arlington, Texas (Trains gotta honk)

Sue had another long term work assignment in an area where we could park and stay, reducing the amount of flying she had to do. The office is in downtown Fort Worth, but we stayed about 1/2 hour away in Arlington, which is a major bedroom community for the Dallas/Fort Worth area.  It’s also where Six Flags Over Texas is, and it was strange for Sue to remember that she had been there with her family when she was about 5 years old.

We found a nice, quiet park called Treetops and got a spacious spot for a month with trees all around. The weather was alternately wintery (no snow but freezing at night) and summery (80s). It was a gorgeous night for the Superbowl!

Fun watching the game outside: especially for a Pat’s fan!

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Miami, Florida

Sue has decided to work full time again to fill the coffers. Her first assignment was covering for a maternity leave in Miami for September and October. We stayed at the same county park campground that we had 2 years ago when we met Ziggy the pig (Larry and Penny Thompson Park). The first week we walked all over the park looking for Ziggy’s rv but he was not there. After some research, Jeff found Ziggy’s Facebook page! His family has moved to North Carolina, started a rescue farm and promotes a vegan lifestyle. They previously toured the country in their motor home with Ziggy the Piggy and got lots of footage of him frolicking in many locations! Here’s the link:

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Franklin, North Carolina

We were initially going to spend a month in Franklin, NC, but at the last minute we spent 2 weeks cat-sitting Nigel and Jeffery while Jay and Virginia were on their honeymoon. Luckily, Monty fit in their driveway so we had easy access to all our stuff. We spent most of the nights in the house so the cats wouldn’t be lonely and experienced the joy of playful, early-rising kitties. Their idea of rising involves knocking the bedroom door down, face-walking and toe-biting. They are very accepting of strangers!

Jeffery "helping" me plan a trip
Jeffery “helping” me plan a trip

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The Wedding!!! (Roxbury, NY)

Clearly this was a screen shot and I captured my son’s name!

The whole reason we came east for the summer was to attend my son Jason’s wedding to Virginia Hall in August.  A gorgeous farm in the Catskills had been chosen and we were thrilled to find out there was an RV-friendly campground 2 miles from the venue.  We arrived a week early to have some family time with my brothers and their children and grandchildren.

We had some fun kayaking, walking and generally hanging around with everyone for 4 days before the big event. Let me just say, it was HOT. And humid. Continue reading The Wedding!!! (Roxbury, NY)

Branchville, New Jersey

We zoomed across the country from Denver to  Columbus to New Jersey with tornadoes following us one day behind. Since Sue’s son’s wedding was planned for August in upstate New York, we decided to spend the summer in the northeast and see family.

Our first stop was Branchville, NJ. Jason and Virginia live in Blairstown but there were no campgrounds nearby that could handle our large rig. The dates were also complicated by Memorial Day weekend when lots of places were already booked.  We ended up at Kymer’s Campground. This was a large, family-oriented campground with a combination of summer residents (where the RV’s never leave and all manner of deck and screen porch have been added on) and weekenders.

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Moab, Utah

IMG_1602I really, really, really wanted to see the Moab area before we headed back east so we spent a short 2 weeks there since it’s not really close to any major airports for me to fly out of for work. Well, it was amazing.  Canyonlands and Arches national parks are nearby, each displaying gorgeous red sandstone cliffs and arches formed by a variety of physical and chemical erosions.  Carving by the Green or Colorado river, glaciation and tectonic changes all played a role in the variety of formations in the area. Moab is a mecca for mountain bikers, dirt bikers, jeep riders and climbers.

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Heber City, Utah

Park viewLooking to hit some spring skiing in Utah, we found Mountain Valley RV Resort in Heber City: about 1/2 hour from Park City. It was one of the nicest parks we’ve stayed at: new, clean and friendly. It had a large clubhouse boasting a huge family room with stone fireplace and big screen tv, a workout room and game room, including ping pong! Outside were courts for basketball and pickleball as well as a nice hot tub. The view from the park was gorgeous.

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San Diego, CA and VEGAS BABY!

Vicky's ship the USS Barry
Vicky’s ship the USS Barry

We spent a month in San Diego so we could be sure to see Vicky as her ship passed through on its way to Japan.  Sue took the opportunity to put in extra work as there are many offices in Southern California.   And with our next destination in Utah, Jeff’s dream came true and we stopped in Vegas for a couple of days.   A little bit of everything in this one!

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