Canadian Rockies: Waterton Lake, Banff and Jasper national parks

We crossed the border into Alberta, Canada with no issues. We had heard stories from other RVers and even Jeff’s grandfather, who used to fish in Canada, about hours-long searches. We drove through a lot of rolling farmland and got to Waterton Lake, the Canadian side of Glacial National Park. Our campground was right in the middle of the park, only a few blocks from downtown, but also right on the lake. The view was gorgeous!

Waterton Lake: US in the distance

We hiked, biked and kayaked for 3 days. The weather was really windy and in the 50s for the first part, and then we were blessed with a gorgeous day in the 70s.

One of my favorite warning signs
This grouse was not pleased with our bikes

Its always fun to see what creative people do along the highway..  How can this not put a smile on your face?

Love this

Banff is a glitzy ski town complete with designer shops and tourists. One day there was a museum tour where all the museums had free entry, wine, snacks and music. They each had their own flavor and it was great fun. At one, we met the guitar player Kyle Pullan and he gave us one of his CDs, which we’ve enjoyed listening to while driving outside of radio range (most of the time)!

Banff was also chilly and it rained at some point every day.  It was still gorgeous.

Part of downtown
View from a popular lookout hike that Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip actually did once
Some of the bike trails were a little muddy…
Marble Canyon (NOT the one in Arizona)

Canada is serious about animal crossings over the highway

Mountain town ambiance with lots of shops and restaurants

Cave and Basin national historic site has a sulfur hot spring that first attracted attention to the Banff area.
Really just a stinky little underground pool but the europeans loved it

Local distillery where the vodka was awesome!

We had a nice soak at Radium Hot Spring and saw a moose on the way

Our next stop was Jasper National Park. On the way, we drove the “Icefields Parkway”. We saw the Columbia Icefield, which parallels the continental divide and is estimated to have been created between 238,000 to 126,000 BC.

Columbia Icefield
Couldn’t pass up this photo op at the Icefields visitor center

Jasper is a ski town and has a much more country feel than Banff. We went on a hike called “5 Lakes” and they were all gorgeous!

That gorgeous green from glacial sediment

This one was so clear we were able to see a diving bird foraging below the surface

Jeff loved the labyrinth designs made by the “Aspen Tree Minor” bugs in the aspen leaves…



Time to start to really put the miles on….

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    1. Tough to say – We have the starting odometer from the first truck, but sadly don’t know what it was at the end… But I would say we are well over 50,000 miles now (at 10 mpg.. at $3.25/gal…) 🙂

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