Monty and Mulligan

starting odometerMonty – 2013 Keystone Montana 3402RL – Monty is a common nickname for the Montana line.  It is a 39′ RV weighing 16,000lbs when fully loaded.
Montyand growler

Growler is was a 2003 GMC Sierra 3500 dually until it was stolen from the Albuquerque airport!   They found it a week later, It got totally stripped.  We were stuck in Sante Fe until we got things sorted out…

While we lost a lot of valuable and favorite items, such as ski boots, kayak gear, tools, etc, the good news was that no one was injured (unless you hope that the thief sliced his hand on the sheet metal!).   Best we could remember, the odometer had about 214,000 miles.  So we had put about 20,000 miles on Growler before we lost him.

We took to the internet looking for a new ride as well as checking the local dealers.  We found some possible trucks in Texas and Washington state.  Would Sue fly to buy it?  Then drive it back?  How would the paperwork work out?    Where would we get the 5th wheel hitch installed?  Too many issues!!

We ran across a month old Craigslist ad from a guy in Albuquerque.  Was it real?  Was it still available?  Surprisingly, the owner, Derick had not had a chance to sell it but was now ready to!  A beautiful 2008 GMC 3500 with low miles and a 5th wheel hitch already installed.   Blue book was right on target and when we saw and drove it, we knew it was the perfect solution.    So what’s a good name for a second chance?  Mulligan!

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  1. We’re also looking forward to reading about your adventures, Sue! You are like David in that you get “crazy” ideas in your head and you actually carry through with them (so now when David gets crazy ideas, I get scared….)

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